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Anupubbikatha / Gradual Teaching’s of The Buddha

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Judul                    : Anupubbikatha / Gradual Teaching’s of The Buddha

Penulis                 : Arya Karniawan & Bhikkhu Cittajayo

Halaman              : iv, 192 Hal

Terbitan               : Februari, 2021

ISBN                      : 978-979-1197-21-2

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Every person in this world pursues what he expected, that in the end leads to happiness. This is normal because ev- ery person has touched suffering even before he/she was born. Because the person has touched suffering, therefore they chase happiness. But often, they seek absurd stuff to be known. Ques- tions like "Where do I come from?", "Where did all this come from?", "Who created and regulated the whole universe?" will lead them to an endless search of answers.

This endless search of answers always does not produce a definite answer. In the end, they who search these answers will believe one of many views of the world. They believe in that view, which is not necessarily true, and eventually, quarrel with adher- ents of other views. Often, these quarrels lead to war and blood- shed. Many people lost their lives only to defend their views that are unnecessarily true. Eventually, this leads to more and more suffering.

Just like someone who is sleeping soundly, when he/she wakes up he/she realizes that his leg is heavily wounded. Rather than treating the wounds, he seeks the answer to "Who/what hurt my leg?" Because of this search for an answer, he/she bleeds to death. Just like that, they who seek absurd answers will lead to death and disappointment. After understanding that, will you still seek who/what hurt you or will you treat your wound? The Great Buddha has offer medicine to deal with suffering, that can be obtained step by step. From light preaching to the discussion of the way to end all suffering and also exercises to end suffer- ing. Read it carefully, your journey starts here.


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